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DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. at “Africa Energy Forum 2017” in Copenhagen (Denmark). Up to date – up to Africa!

Representatives of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. took part in the 19th annual “Africa Energy Forum”, which this time was held in the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark – in the windy city of Copenhagen.

The Forum brought together a wide audience, which included:

  • delegations of the Ministries of Energy of many African countries,
  • market regulators of African states,
  • leaders of the world market in the field of wind power generation and solar power,
  • representatives of engineering, consulting and legal firms,
  • representatives of international financial organizations.

The forum was attended by more than 2,000 participants representing over 100 companies, institutions and organizations.

A few interesting facts that demonstrate the trends of the global energy:

1. A few days before the Forum it turned out to be quite a windy and sunny day in the UK. On this day, over 50% of the electricity generated in the United Kingdom was obtained renewable sources.

2. The host country of the 19th Forum, Denmark, produces more than 30% of its energy renewable sources and plans to reach 50% by 2030.

Unfortunately, most African countries are still lagging behind in matters of energy supply and energy consumption.

Over the last decade, the cost of solar panels has decreased several times, which makes the production of electricity using solar panels more affordable for Africa, especially for communities that are not connected to the network (OFF Grid), which proposes a number of solutions for individual households and for separate settlements.

Wind turbine manufacturers are also increasing their presence in Africa. The biggest project on the African continent, with a capacity of 310 MW, is now being constructed in Kenya.

We firmly believe that renewable energy has future in Africa. 

In cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, we are working hard on the immediate prospects of hydropower sector in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

We are exploring new directions and trends in the energy sector.