The engeineering services include:


DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. owns laboratories for testing of engineering and soils, a necessary set of equipment and tools for research, which allows us to assure with full confidence the quality of the materials used for facilities construction.

Extensive experience of working with unstable grounds and in difficult engineering and geological conditions allows our experts to carry out the most comprehensive studies on the basement structures, as well as the geological, hydrological and hydrogeological features of the construction site. The results of the survey allow us to develop the most economical constructional and layout solutions, carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the project from an economic and technical point of view, and to forecast possible changes in the environment.

Comprehensive approach of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. includes the following types of surveys:

  • geodetic and topographic;
  • engineering geology, hydrogeology and geotechnics;
  • geophysical surveys; seismological surveys;
  • hydrological, meteorological;
  • laboratory studies of construction materials, foundation soils and embankments.


Development of project materials of various stages (pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, project, working documentation, executive documentation) is carried out in accordance with the norms of developed countries, using the latest advances in technology and building materials employed in hydraulic engineering.

Besides, the Company engages leading organizations in the field of design of hydraulic structures, hydropower, water management and other industrial facilities.


In-house expert review of the Company allows providing technical supervision over the construction and installation of equipment for industrial, water and energy facilities.

DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. has experience and necessary resources for organization of works on manufacturing, modernization, repair, quality control, installation of power equipment and commissioning, namely:

  • Selection of optimal equipment parameters;
  • Development of design documentation;
  • Preparation of terms of reference for the manufacture, installation, repair of equipment;
  • Technical supervision of the equipment manufacture;
  • Participation in factory activities to control the quality of the manufactured equipment (tests, control assemblies, non-destructive quality control of welded joints, control of compliance with the technology of applying anti-corrosion protection);
  • Acceptance of the manufactured equipment, control of accompanying documentation, control of correctness and completeness of equipment marking and packaging;
  • Development and finalization of technical documentation for the equipment modernization, repair, installation;
  • Production quality control of the work performed (incoming quality control of equipment and materials, operational control of work performed, quality control of welding operations, acceptance inspection of work performed);
  • Technical control during the stages of equipment set up and commissioning;
  • Control over completeness of executive documentation.

For the above works, DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. has the following:

  • Global partners in the field of equipment manufacture worldwide, as well as partners in the power equipment installation;
  • Engineering and technical personnel;
  • Certified professionals and non-destructive testing equipment;
  • Instruments and tools for technical supervision during the equipment manufacture and installation.

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