• Construction materials
  • Construction machinery
  • Equipment
  • Goods for construction site support

Construction materials

  • Cements brand from M400 and above;
  • Rolled steel, metalwork, steel structures;
  • Scaffolding and formwork;
  • Fuel and lubricating materials, industrial oils and lubricants.

Construction machinery

  • Caterpillar: bulldozers, excavators, tractors;
  • Wheel: excavators, graders, loaders, tractors;
  • Lifting: truck-mounted, tower, crawler-mounted, overhead travelling, frame cranes;
  • Transport of concrete: concrete conveyors, concrete mixers, concrete pumps.
  • Special-purpose machinery: drilling units, rollers, vibrating rammers.


  • Hydropower, hydromechanical equipment: hydraulic turbines, generators; penstocks, water intakes, gates, valves:
  • Electrical equipment: generators, transformers, stabilizers, batteries, relays and other electrical equipment;
  • Pumping equipment: industrial pumps, borehole, soil, drainage and other pumps;
  • Welding equipment: inverters, welding sets, plasma arc cutting machines, and other.
  • Laboratory equipment: measuring and check out;

Goods for construction site support

  • Prefabricated modular buildings;
  • Site office trailers;
  • Workers’ trailers;
  • Checkpoint buildings;
  • VIP modular buildings.

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