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Representatives of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. participated in 85th annual conference International Commission On Large Dams (ICOLD) which took place in Prague, Czech Republic on 02-07 July 2017

ICOLD – International Commission on Large Dams is a leading non-governmental professional organization. It works on promotion of the engineer and scientific achievements in design, construction and operation of dams, encouraging the sustainable development of the hydropower, efficient administration and rational use of water resources in the hydropower sector.

The main aim of the International Commission on Large Dams is to provide safety of the dams, those which are in the process of design and construction as well as those which are already operated. 36 000 dams registered in the World Register of Large Dams, only three hundred have gone through some emergency situations. Thus, the number of the emergency situations on the operated large dams stays within 1% of the total amount of the dams, at that the number of the accidents decreased in 4 times during the last 40 years. Such a positive tendency is a result of work of ICOLD on development and introduction of the modern engineer methods, distribution of the information of possible scenario of occurrence and development of the emergency situations and means to lessen their negative consequences. The observed progress in decrease of accident risk of large dams increases the role and image of the Commission in all countries of the world.

Upon formation of the Commission, the number of the countries which joined the organization and newly formed national committees, continues increasing each year and during 85th conference of ICOLD, the “jubilee” 100th member – Bhutan joined the Commission.

The specialists of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. listened to the reports on the seminars and symposium of ICOLD and took active participation in their discussion, held a number of meetings with the representatives of different companies at the exhibition. During the seminars and symposium within the conference, the participants vividly discussed the issues of security provision and safety of the dams during their whole life cycle and under the influence of all possible factors: natural and manmade. Taking into account the recommendations developed by ICOLD for the constructions of such time which form the hydraulic complex of Sendje HPP (concrete gravitation dam 63.0 m high and earth dikes 23.0 m high), we can without any doubts say that the safety and reliability of these dams on the stages of design and future construction is guaranteed. We have provided all necessary engineer measures for their safety and reliability during the period of their operation.

Nevertheless, the professional society underlines that the risk of accidents of the operated dams in the majority of cases depends on the experience and professional preparation of the personnel which carries out operation. The issue of the personnel formation for Sendje HPP is one of the most essential issues for DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. and in the nearest future we will do our best to solve it in the best possible manner.

The participation of the representatives of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. in ICOLD conferences favors the exchange of professional experience and demonstrates interest of the Company in the successful realization of its projects with the use of all the latest achievements in the sphere of safety and reliability of the hydraulic complexes.