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Working Visit of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. Representatives to Georgia

Delegation of the company DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. visited Georgia with working visit from February 26 to 28. In the course of the visit, delegation of the company had a number of meetings with the representatives of energy sector of the country and partners of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. in the region.

Energy sector of Georgia has significant outstanding capacity against growing local and regional electricity demand. It is expected that by 2030 domestic demand of the country will increase almost twice comparing to the current use of 13.4 ТWhour. Generating capacity of Georgia will be insufficient to satisfy the domestic demand in the long-term perspective without additional generating sources. Estimated deficit by 2025 will be more than 3 ТWhour.

Government of Georgia encourages and supports investment projects in the energy sector. Investment profile of hydropower industry development is significant comparing to other renewable energy sources. Country has introduced a simplified approach to obtaining authorization for construction of the small-scale HPPs and plans to construct and upgrade the large-scale HPPs.

Company DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. is open to cooperation and aims at promoting implementation of the plans on Georgia’s energy sector development.