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Representatives of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. made reports at the international exhibition – conference HYDRO 2017 in Spain

From October 9 to October 11, 2017 DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. participated in the most large-scale international event dedicated to hydropower in Europe – exhibition conference HYDRO 2017 which took place in Seville, Spain.

More than 1200 participants from 70 countries of the world participated in the event, more than 300 companies presented their goods and services, more than 210 specialists made reports at the conference.

The specialists of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. Berner Anton and Roman Malizderskiy made reports within the section “Risks management” with a report “Peculiarities of design and construction of Sendje HPP in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea”. Taking as example the Sendje HPP with the capacity of 200 MW in our report we considered in details all the stages of the project execution with argumentation of technical specifications and peculiarities of realization of each stage of construction. The speakers analyzed different technical and organizational risks, which the company faced with during the project realization as well as shared the experience of the successful solution of similar tasks. In addition, in report we considered the peculiarities of the process of the plant connection to the electric system of the country upon termination of the construction.

The other speakers in their reports paid special attention to the introduction of the latest technologies on all stages of construction of hydropower facilities, the peculiarities of construction of new and reconstruction of already existing HPPs, issues of ecology, climatic changes, protection from alluviation, cybersecurity, etc.

Among the exhibitors we can mention a wide presentation of the producers of hydropower, hydromechanical, electrotechnical and technological equipment, materials and machinery for construction of new and reconstruction of the existing HPPs. Many companies presented their services for design, operation of HPPs as well repair hydraulic structures and HPP equipment.

During HYDRO 2017 the most attention was paid to the development of small hydropower. In particular, on October 8 was carried out the workshop “Development of a project of small HPP in one day”, which the specialists of our company took participation in. Within the workshop the organizers presented to the participants the main peculiarities of design of small and micro HPPs using the examples of real projects. All the participants of the workshop mastered the received knowledge by developing the conceptual project of use of the power potential of small river in accordance with the real initial data.

Upon termination of the exhibition-conference HYDRO 2017 the specialists of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. took part in the technical tour and visited the second large hydropower plant in Andalusia – PSP Guillena with the capacity of 210 MW and learnt its constructive and technologic peculiarities.