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Government delegation headed by the Minister of Industry and Energy of Equatorial Guinea visited the construction site of the Sendje HPP

On November 17th the Minister of Industry and Energy of Equatorial Guinea, Mr. Miguel EKUA ONDO, accompanied by the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, two Vice-Presidents of National Office of GE-PROYECTOS and other representatives of the Government Committee visited the Sendje HPP construction site.

The main purpose of the delegation’s visit was to review the level of preparation of the construction site for the start of construction and erection works of the main structures of the Sendje HPP since the resumption of the project. During the inspection, the delegation looked through the technical documentation and personally visited the construction site, storage facilities, laboratory, inspected the construction of HPP structures. Representatives of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. informed the delegation members about the volumes of preparatory work already completed, demonstrated the working condition of all communication lines and roads, and discussed a number of other work issues arising in the process of project performance.

In addition, during the meeting, Mr. Miguel EKUA ONDO discussed with representatives of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. the schedule of construction and erection works, terms and conditions of delivery of goods, and gave his recommendations to all parties involved in the performance of this project for the successful implementation of the planned construction phases in the agreed timeframe.

Following the visit, the Minister noted the importance of the HPP under construction for achieving the goals of the Government aimed at electrifying Equatorial Guinea, made sure DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD successfully fulfills its commitments for the reactivation of the project and confirmed the complete readiness of the site for the beginning of the main construction and erection works on the Sendje HPP structures.

After the launch of the Sendje HPP with a capacity of 200 MW, the plant will have the largest generating capacity in the country and will ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity not only throughout Equatorial Guinea, but also will provide an opportunity to export electricity to neighboring countries.