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DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. supported the initiative of development of the power sector of Central Africa during Future Energy Central Africa conference

DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. participated in Future Energy Central Africa conference which took place in the capital of the Republic of Cameroon in the city of Yaounde on October 2-3, 2017. The event became a platform for discussion of the important issues related to the regional integration of the power sector in Central Africa and other regions.

The Central region has the highest hydraulic potential in Africa, 60% of the continental resources are concentrated here. The regional association will help to save some financial resources of the countries of Central Africa in the process of development of the power generating units important for the region, which are able to give impulse to the growth of prosperity of the population and more intensive development of the industrial sector.

Within the conference the representatives of the ministries of Energy of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Republic of Equatorial Guinea presented their reports. The forum participants discussed actively the problems of the power sector as well as the possible ways of their solution. In particular, Cameroon made successfully the power market more liberal and created favorable conditions for generation development. The result is planned, gradual practical use of the hydraulic potential of the main waterway of the country – Sanaga river: dam Lom Pangar was finished in 2016, the commencement of the construction of Nachtigal hydropower plant is planned for the end of 2017, as a perspective for 2019 – the construction of the largest private project of Central Africa – HPP Grand Eweng with the capacity of 1800 MW.

DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. acted as a sponsor of the forum and active participant of the conference. The delegates on behalf of the company hold a number of meetings with the representatives of the power authorities, industrial and power companies of Central Africa.

DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. has sufficient technical base, intellectual resources for effective realization of the projects of any complexity in the hydropower area and industrial construction. We are ready to join our forces to solve the tasks of power sector in Central Africa.