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DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. is the corporate member of the British Dam Society

Since January 2017, DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. is the full corporate member of the British Dam Society, the membership corporate number of the company in the Society is 93548837.

The British Dam Society (BDS) is an Associated Society of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Great Britain, which is one of the world’s leading civil engineering institutions for almost 200 years. The British Dam Society (BDS) exists to advance the education of the public and the profession in technical subjects relating to planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, safety, environmental and social issues during the construction and operation of the hydro-technical objects. As the engineers of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. are experts in the abovementioned areas, they make their contribution to development of not only the Great Britain hydropower sector, but also all over the world.

The British Dam Society consists of many top managers and executives of leading engineering companies, top managers of companies, which operate the hydro-technical constructions, representatives of the government institutions and major contractors, whose activity is related to dams and reservoirs, both in local level and abroad.

The corporate membership in the British Dam Society is an additional evidence of that DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. is on the rise, keeps up with the times, uses the best practices in the area of planning, project development, construction, maintenance and operation of the hydro-technical objects, as well as confirms its reliable partner status at the international scene.