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Duglas Alliance and Stucky to join efforts for Sendje HPP development

Despite the global economic crises and ongoing pandemic, Duglas Alliance Ltd. continues to develop partnerships for the development of hydropower facilities, in particular the Sendje HPP under construction in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

After having signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between Duglas Alliance Ltd. and Stucky Ltd., the Swiss engineering company, in 2020, contracts to provide consulting services have been signed between the two parties in 2021. According to the signed contracts, the Stucky Ltd. will act as a consultant performing site supervision services during installation and commissioning of the equipment of Sendje HPP as well as a comprehensive technical audit of the project.

Both sides have expressed their readiness and willingness for mutually beneficial cooperation enabling the development of sustainable hydropower on the African continent.


For reference:

Stucky Ltd., established in 1926, is an engineering and design company highly experienced in the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of hydropower assets and dams. Headquartered in Renens (Switzerland) and being part of Gruner, Stucky is ranked among the world leaders for the provision of water resources related services, from early design studies up to implementation and rehabilitation, incl. hydrological studies, ESIA, electromechanical and hydromechanical equipment design etc. Stucky has well-established cooperations with international institutions, such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, International Finance Corporation etc.