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Company DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. delivered humanitarian aid to fight the COVID-19 pandemic to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

On August 8 the representatives of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD. arrived on a charter flight to Bata International Airport in Equatorial Guinea. Thus, despite the difficulties in financing the project and global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company continues construction works at the Sendje HPP site in accordance with the provisions of the signed contract. The same flight delivered a cargo of humanitarian aid to the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in order to provide all possible assistance in the fight against the pandemic spread in the country.

On August 10 the official meeting between the representatives of DUGLAS ALLIANCE LTD., on the one side, and Minister of Health and Social Security, President of the Technical Committee for Monitoring and Counteracting Coronavirus, on the other side, took place in the conference center Ngolo in Bata. During the meeting, the company representatives officially transferred the delivered humanitarian aid cargo – medical personal protective kits.
At the end of the procedure for official transfer of the humanitarian cargo, Minister of Health of the REG expressed gratitude to the Company for its solidarity and practical contribution to the implementation of the program on protection of the Equatorial Guinea population from coronavirus.